#Ahwazna – Mass arbitrary arrest launched against Ahwazi Arab citizens


The Iranian Intelligence service escorted with convoys of police security forces have arbitrarily raided Ahwazi Arab homes in Dorkhouhin County nearby Falahiyeh city, and arrested about 6 Ahwazi citizens and taken them to an unknown place.

According to Ahwazna sources, the intelligence agents after raiding a house owned by an Ahwazi citizen named Saad Zoweydat, in the Dorkhouhin County on Saturday morning, March 14, 2015, have arrested him along with five other Ahwazi citizens who were gathered there, taking them to a disclosed location.

    The names of the arrested citizens have been identified as a follow:

1: Saad Zoweydat (aged 30).

2: Adnan Zoweydat (aged26).

3: Adel Zoweydat (aged 25).

4: Milad Zoweydat (aged 19).

5:  Nabil Zoweydat (aged 19).

6: Emad Zoweydat (aged 19).

The occupying Intelligence Service has not made any announcement of the reason and charges that are likely pressed against these detainees.

 After the spread of national awareness in all parts of Al- Ahwaz, the occupying security forces and Intelligence agents through embarking joint operations raids and random arrests attempt to spread fear and terror among Ahwazi citizens.

The aim of launching such brutal and arbitrary mass arrest is to limit the spread of the Ahwazi Arab national ideology which has become a threat to the security of the Persian State and its colonial existence in Al-Ahwaz.



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