20 dead, including children in horrific Iranian regime arson attack on Ahwazi Arab café


At least 20 people, including children, were reportedly burnt alive and many more rushed to hospital with life-threatening burn injuries following a horrendous deliberately ignited blaze in a café in the regional capital of Ahwaz under  Iranian occupation earlier tonight. 

Survivors and bystanders reported that at least one unidentified masked man believed to be affiliated to the Iranian intelligence services had blocked the front door and emergency exit of the coffee shop in the Keyan neighborhood of the city before hosing the building with gasoline which he also sprayed through the windows, and setting it alight.   He then fled the scene accompanied by others. Around 80 people were inside the café at the time, with survivors and witnesses who rushed to attempt to extinguish the blaze, reporting that they had no way to escape. Witnesses reported that a local man and his seven-year-old daughter were among the victims of the horrendous blaze, the worst in history.  

The horrific attack is the latest such brutal mass murder of Ahwazi Arab people, with many believing that the regime ordered it carried out as a way of terrorizing Ahwazis who have been protesting against longstanding regime abuses in recent days.  

The lack of emergency facilities and hospital services for Ahwazi Arabs means that the death toll is expected to rise given the severity of the injuries.

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