Iranian regime forces arrest handicapped Ahwazi young man



Security forces of the Iranian regime have arrested a handicapped Ahwazi young who also suffers from a mental disorder, according to documents widely shared online by activists.

The 19-year young man, named Said Ramadan Neamati, was arrested on Wednesday, April 4 in the neighborhood of Malashiya by the intelligence personnel.

The judge in the 13th chamber of the Revolutionary Court of the regime said a bail as equal as 300 million Tomans should be paid for Neamati to be released.

On their part, social media users strongly condemned the arrest, describing it as a crime by the security apparatuses of the regime. They also said the move came in response to the regime's failure to put down the revolution of the Ahwazis.

The activists said the Ahwazi uprising that broke out on March 28th has forced the Iranian regime to militarize the Ahwazi Street by deploying tens of thousands of troopers.

The forces were deployed to areas like Kermanshah and Khoramabad. Up to 500 Ahwazi nationals were arrested in the aftermath of the protests.

The protests broke out due to the state-run TV's insulting of the Ahwazi Arabs in one of its shows.

This comes as the Ahwazis have been bearing the brunt of the repressive policies of the Iranian governments for decades.

The Arab region, under occupation since 1925, is heavily suffering due to the Iranian occupation.

The regime seeks to root out Arabs, their identity, their natural resources, and their presence from Ahwaz. For this, the clerical regime has been using countless means to strip the Ahwazis of their rights.

The region is severely neglected by the authorities. The Arab youths are deprived of jobs and the agricultural lands are about to be entirely barren.

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