Statement of the Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Al Ahwaz, on the occasion of the anniversary of the occupation

The Twentieth of April 1925 will remain present in memory of our people , it will remain a source of spirit of pride in us forever , our Ahwazi people settled over Thousands of years on the shores of the Arabian Gulf and the banks of rivers and marshes of Al Ahwaz.

Anniversary of 95 years since the occupation of Al Ahwaz by the Iranian state in 1925 during the reign of Reza Shah in cooperation with British Colonial , although it is a memory of pain that lasted 95 years, the survival of this memory with its aggression remains in the collective memory of the Ahwazi people , the steadfastness of Ahwazi makes us proud in the will of our people , our people are struggling for their freedom and dignity, 95 years of hardship and pain , Iranian regime is persecuting , torturing , displacing and starving people on purpose , trying to change the demographic systems of Al Ahwaz with the idea of pushing the people out from their homeland , a land that used to be independent for Thousands of year , the regime of so called Iran tried to change the Arabic curricula but failed by the people of Al Ahwaz who were struggling to free themselves from the ongoing occupation.

The people of Al Ahwaz will not give up their legal rights and will continue their legal struggle to end occupation , for decades the Iranian regime has worked to distort the facts and give an unrealistic image of the Arab state of Al Ahwaz as Persian but this filthy plan was also foiled by the Ahwazi people , thus the current regime of Iran started to displace the people , confiscate their lands , opening the dams to flood the people to drive them away from their own lands but people’s resistance failed this malicious scheme as well, the sacrifices of our people are clear and their struggle means ending the occupation to build a brighter future for themselves and their next generation who wants to coexist with all nations regardless to their nationalities , religions , colors , or languages , equality would be their priority , hence we are seeking international support for the right to self-determination.

We will continue and never stop our struggle to end the suffering of the beloved people of Al Ahwaz, Al Ahwaz flag will continue to flutter everywhere, Glory to our righteous Martyrs and honorable prisoners.


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