Press release 1-11-2020

After the Iranian regime acknowledged its responsibility for the crime of kidnapping Mr. Habib Asawad, the former head of the Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Al Ahwaz, and the issuance of an official statement from the head of the Security and Foreign Relations Committee in the Iranian Parliament, Mojtaba Zul-Nuri, who is close to the terrorist Revolutionary Guards, implicitly referring to the role of the Revolutionary Guard Intelligence Service In the process of kidnapping Mr. Asawad from Turkey and transporting him to Iran, the following must be clarified:

The Iranian regime is trying to justify the crime of kidnapping Mr. Asawad, which contradicts all international laws and norms, by accusing him of being the first person responsible for the September 22, 2018 operation, which another party previously claimed responsibility for the operation, as indicated by the Iranian regime after its investigation of the perpetrators of the operation.

In this regard, the movement affirms that it was not responsible for the operation and has never published any statement confirming its adoption of the operation at the time. The movement warns that it announces its positions through its official website only and that it is not responsible for any statement outside this framework.

The terrorist Revolutionary Guard announced the liquidation of the mastermind of the operation in Diyala province in Iraq on October 16, 2018, and there is an official announcement from an internationally known organization through a video recording of its responsibility for the attack.

The aforementioned contradicts with the Iranian regime’s accusation of the Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahwaz relating the responsibility for the attack on September 22, 2018, hence for this it is necessary to clarify and explain the falsehood of the occupation’s allegations that Mr. Habib Asawad is responsible for carrying out this operation.

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