We Do Not Recognize the 25-Year Iran-China Agreement

As you know, after years of closed-door conversations, on March 27, 2021, the foreign ministers of Iran and China, signed a 25-year agreement. The provisions of the agreement have been kept secret, however, what was intentionally leaked, shows the depth of the tragedy

The Iranian regime has started to lay the groundwork of the plan and to gain public acceptance of the capitalization several months ago, after the Western preconditions were raised against the approval of Iranian Nuclear Deal. And specifically, Khamenei has publicly theorized the dependence on the East, by deviating from the basic principle of the Islamic Revolution, “Neither East Nor West.”

And according to what has leaked out, the Velayat-e Faqih regime, in attempting to gain several hundred billion dollars and to strengthen its infamous system, has approved the implementation of China’s strategic policies in Iran and the region

Therefore, key activities from shores of the Gulf to the shores of the Caspian Sea, Oil resources, Nuclear Energy, Railways, Sea Connections, New inland and Regional Belts, Banking Financial Cooperation, Internet Technologies, Security, and military affairs, have been entirely assigned to China

Fundamentally, people do not accept the ruling dictatorial regime as well as the chauvinist regime of the Supreme Leader, which by its conservative crimes and reforms is throwing itself into fire and water. And thus, attempting to extend its evil rule for a longer period of time such as Bashar Al Assad. Actually, what has occurred in Syria, is in another way a bitter historical irony happening in Iran

Hence, with the tyranny and chauvinist colonization prevailing in Iran, in regard to the multinational structure of Iran, our concerns have greatly increased
International Organizations & World Developing Countries:
We are the signatories of this declaration, and we fight for our right to self-determination. We hereby declare that we do not recognize this document of capitalization and colonial captivity

And thus, we call on the Chinese government to “Avoid Supporting The Collapsing Regime Of The Islami Republic Of Iran”.

South Azerbaijan Democrat Party

Azerbaijan Central Party

 Azerbaijan National Resistance Organization – Diranis

 Balochistan People Party



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