the European sanctions against Iran…a prompted step or a new approach

The hostile attitude of Mullah regime in Tehran, or, if we could say, the psychopath attitude, is still governing the behaviors of this regime. According to terminology of psychiatric health, a psychopath substantially deviates from all the medical, statistical, social and moral criteria. His attitude is weird when it comes to his behavior, fashion and interactions with the social atmosphere in which he lives so that the people complain about him and his behaviors. This evildoing character that inflicts damage on society and its establishments become happy when it sees others are suffering or being in pain. It never harmonizes itself with others nor does it adapt itself to the surrounding atmosphere. Neither advice, guidance, direction, nor punishment can be of benefit to it. It also does not take admonition from lessons or experiences it goes through.

The aforesaid description of the symptoms of psychopath character applies identically to the Iranian regime ruling the Persian state when it comes to its behavior as a political entity with the international community.


As we, metaphorically, cited this diagnosis, we find the regime is idiosyncratic in dealing with the rules of international relations based on mutual respect in order to safeguard international peace and security.

Since it seized power, the regime has vowed to spread terrorism as the heralder who spreads his ideology across the globe. It did not stop for even a single day to fulfill his vows. Its hostile activities impacted nearly every single state in the region. Its bloody policies are evident in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Lebanon. The Arab Gulf states, in their attempts to stand up to the schemes of the regime, they spared no effort to tackle all the loopholes with the aim of thwarting its plots aimed to undermine these countries’ security and stability. They also were not aroused by its provocative acts and transgressions, nor did they respond with a tit-for-tat approach as they are keen to prevent more wars and destruction in the region.

the regime’s scope of activity in spreading these terror cells not only included the region, but it also spilled over to cover the entire world. It even reached out to Argentina, the remotest part in South America, Australia, North America, Africa and Europe, which has become a hotbed for its terror cells. Furthermore, it event went too far to turn diplomatic missions into arms for intelligence services, with the foremost task of overseeing the carrying out of terror operation led by the regime overseas. The regime’s violations against countries with which it maintains diplomatic relations and economic interests are too many to be detailed here. The assassinations carried out by the Iranian intelligence, passing off as diplomatic staffers, across the globe are recurrent. Unfortunately, the international community’s response to these crimes, whether the culprit is unknown or not, does not go beyond denunciation and condemnation although indications that emerge in each incident suggest that the intelligence services are behind them. This matter exacerbated the conditions of the psychopath regime and aggravated its ailment, which turned into a cancerous tremor that there is no way to stop it but removal.   Sedatives will not lead the regime to reverse its course.

A punishment or warning

The sanctions has been reached by the EU following a push from the Danish government, which did not condone the Iranian violations to its national sovereignty through plotting to assassinate leaders within the Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahwaz on its soil. The regime premeditatedly hatched the plot. This step is advanced and helped end the European hesitation in taking a firm stand towards the Persian state. But it, as we view it, does not measure up to the level of deterrence required for those who are caught red-handed committing terror crimes against safety and security of the European nations, let along crimes against humanity they have been committing everywhere.

The statement worded accurately and cautiously says that EU placed two Iranian nationals and the internal security administration affiliated with the Ministry of Intelligence on its terror list.

It added the move comes in response to the attacks thwarted on the European soil. This wording seems to be the least possible response that gained consensus. The European position, adopted this way, is a measure against two individual and the internal security administration of the Ministry of Intelligence, not against an entire system constituting an intellectual and behavioral criminal approach threatening peace and security in Europe and the world. Yet it is not retribution against all the crimes have been committed by the regime in Europe the victims of those known to be committed by the regime, are in the dozens. The move is not also a response to the Iranian violations and threats to the security of some of its countries. Here, a legitimate question pops up: Do the families of the victims of the Iranian terror that hit the European cities have a right to litigate? In other words, will the European measures escalate, accusing Iran of killing nationals in the European cities, in order to sue Iran before the European courts? We do not rule out this. The Netherlands is the first country to take such a measure. It announced the results of its investigations in which it points the finger of blame to the Iranian intelligence for assassinating the political activist Ahmed Mola in the fall of 2017, and another Iranian dissident in 2015.

Iran always betrays those who help it

At the time when the European countries have been doing their best in order to outline a mechanism to circumvent the US sanctions on Tehran, which creates an alternative financial channel used as a tool to protect the European firms against US sanctions in the hopes of breaking from the US hegemony, they were stabbed in the back by the Mullah regime we described above as psychopath. It never heeds to advice, guidance or direction, nor does it learn from lessons or experiences it went through. It committed a foolish act by plotting to carry out terror attacks on the Danish soil. It seems that the regime has been compelled to do so, for it to tighten the noose around itself as Europe, pushed by the mutual interests, adopted a position standing halfway or rejecting the US sanctions on the Persian state. This is as if proofs intensify for proving the complicity of the Iranian regime in committing terror acts in Europe, as preclude to tougher steps against it. The Danish firm steps are the right beginning on the right path. And the Netherland’s announcement marks the start of opening the closed cases and those whose culprits are unknown.

Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahwaz.




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