Warsaw conference…between hopes and realities

Should we say that the Warsaw Conference to be held next month has the conditions for its success such as those of the Guadeloupe 1979 conference in France? It succeeded in laying the groundwork for its political decisions and supporting positions to overthrow the Shah’s regime. We have the right to agree with optimists to hold this conference without doubts about the aim behind preparing it, or the intended use to make gains in Iran after the mullahs. This happens through introducing forces prepared in advance with special agenda and standards based on calculations have nothing to do with the interests of the peoples affected by the sectarian regime, the former monarchy before it. Before these assumptions, do the preconceptions and premises that precede the convening of this conference forebode the creation of a coherent coalition able to overthrow the regime of the mullahs in Tehran and erase its proxies in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen …?

Looking for a satisfying response to these questions, whose legitimacy is gaining momentum from the motives of the direct and indirect beneficiaries in radical political transformations in Iran, requires us to know the preparations for this conference for the purpose of change.

The political, economic and social conditions inside Iran seem to be favorable. The regime of the mullahs after forty years of totalitarian rule with its sectarian ideology and its terrorist orientation, which is based on its security grip on imposing its authority, has adopted its reckless policies that focus on the creation and support for terrorist organizations around the world, especially in Iraq, Syria and Yemen, … the citizens, particularly in the non-Persian peoples, have been exhausted, because the generous support of these terrorist organizations causes squandering public money which negatively affects the living conditions of the citizens.

Moreover, corruption is running through the apparatuses of the state through support from the religious and judicial institutions. In addition, the regime has deepened – as before – the system of apartheid and sectarianism in favor of one race and one sect. It destroyed the areas of the non-Persian occupied peoples, and built the Persian regions. It spread death by starvation and thirst in the Ahwazi, Kurdish, Baloch and Turkish areas. It took care of the life and well-being of the Persians in Isfahan, Kashan, Yazd and Qom … These peoples, against whom forms of repression and humiliation were inflicted, have been demanding their right to self-determination and decent life for decades. However, the significance of the Center to the international community, as a model for the rest of the peoples’ regions, has blinded the conscience of the world for the injustice that has been inflicted on these peoples for decades.

Past experiences are likely to dictate to the organizers of this conference to avoid, as they address the issue, the repetition of formulas that proved failed, because the reality that they want to change is only the product of those formulas brought Mullahs to power. We therefore support the approach that does not lose sight of the political, economic, social and cultural reality of non-Persian peoples. We support the treatment based on the values of absolute justice. We reject injustice in all its forms.

Non-Persian peoples ensure stability and security

The international reality in 2019 is radically different from that of the international situation 40 years ago. Reality at home within the so-called Iran, too, has developed over this period. In the era of monarchy, the historical consciousness of non-Persian peoples grew and its features were shaped in proportion to the nature of that phase. It may save them from taking initiatives and the possibility of dissemination. Non-Persian peoples, however, made great strides in their struggle during the rule of the mullahs, expanded their movement, and succeeded in reaching out to most of the world’s influential centers, becoming a figure difficult to overcome. Furthermore, they have become the pillar for the success of any solution seeking security and stability in the region

Premises tell about results

The premises and statements that precede the conference predict the desired results if they become in harmony and cohesion with the successive developments that are tightening the noose around the mullahs’ regime in Tehran. The gradual American determination to take steps against the mullahs’ regime has broadened the scope of the pro-change coalition in Iran. Also, there is a near-total European shift in taking firm positions against the mullahs’ gang, which confirms that the latter has lost the ally who was reliable in repelling the American actions, which are moving steadily to bring its tenure to an end. More facts about the mullahs’ involvement in terrorist operations in Europe and the world are unfolding daily before the conference. The wailing of the regime and the threat of further foolish acts are nothing but that precedes death.

Warsaw: A window to a new world

In any event, the Warsaw Conference will be held in a few days, and America and its allies will finalize what is to come after the demise of the mullahs’ regime from the political map of the world … for a Middle East free of militias that commit killings over identity, all manifestations of terrorism in Ahwazi and the areas where non-Persian peoples settle, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen.

The non-Persian peoples, who have suffered and suffered injustice for a century, expect that the Warsaw Conference will be a sun shining over to end it and a healer for their wounds, and an event that separates past injustices from the future justice and achieve the aspirations of non-Persian peoples. Is this seem daunting for the just people in this supposedly free world? Thus, through looking at the facts and the premises, we can say that the Warsaw Conference had more chances of success than that of the Guadeloupe Conference in 1979 in France.


Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahwaz


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