Imminent execution of two Ahwazi Arab political prisoners

Concern is growing over the fate of two Ahwazi Arab death row prisoners by the name of Ali Chibashat and yasin Mousavi who were transferred from Dezful Prison to an undisclosed location and there is real fear of their imminent execution. The two prisoners were convicted of enmity with God, corruption on the earth, propaganda against the government and acting against national security.

Ali Chabishat Kaabi, Sayed Yassin Mousavi are members of Al.Shabab (Young) cultural organization in Susa city in north of Al.Ahwaz that were arrested by the Iranian intelligence services on 11th November 2012.

The execution of Ahwazi activists is an obvious phenomenon of national genocide committing by the Iran authorities. The Iranian authorities usually sentence massive number of Ahwaz’s to the death penalty each year. However, the cultural, political, social, and human rights activists are more faced the death row by the Iranian authorities. Massive number of Ahwazi activists death penalty uphold by the Iranian Supreme Court, and many of them transferred to unknown place by the Iranian intelligence services.




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