Ahwazi Arab football celebration turns into Anti-Occupation demonstration + Video


After Foolad Ahwaz club became the champion of Iranain premier football league, many of Ahwazi Arab fans of Foolad Ahwaz took to the street to celebrate the Foolad championship victory for the second time.   Spontaneously the celebration turned into a widespread anti –regime protest. The regime’s oppressive forces arrested over 100 youths in these protests.

Last week youths in this city celebrated their team’s victory and while taking to the streets clashed with repressive regime forces. “People demand regime overthrow” and “Get lost Rouhani” were heard from the crowd chanting in these protests. The Ahwazi Arab youth defied the regime forces by chanting sharp slogans like this” land full of lions, no one comes nearby”.

It should be noted that these days Ahwazi cities are very restive as people are determining to commemorate the ninth memory of April 15 Uprising in different Ahwaz cities.


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