United Nations Commissioner and Chairman of the human development programme visits Ahwazi marshlands




Jerry Lewis the United Nations Commissioner and Chairman of the human development programme in Tehran has visited the Alfalahiya marshland “one of the most drying marshland” of Al- Ahwaz region in the south west of Iran on Saturday, April 19. In interview with local press in Ahwaz, United nation has great ambition for conserving and reviving regions that are mostly prone to drought; he said.

In his interview he declared that according to the UN estimate Falahyah marshland is classified on the list of endangered areas which needs development projects to reviving it from dryness.

The United Nations representative mentioned that there were plans by the international development programme to prevent the dryness of Horalazim as well as Alfalahiya Marshland.

He reaffirmed that United Nations is ready for participation for rescuing the wetlands of Ahwaz in which are under the threat of dryness.

One of the journalists addressed a question regarding the lack of development plans in Ahwaz region to Lahijan Zadeh, the Chairman of the Department of environment of Ahwaz who was accompanied by the delegation of the United Nations, we do not have time to respond to this question and we have to go! ; He said.

The government deliberately continues to plunder and rape Al-Ahwaz while the indigenous inhabitants, wildlife and natural beauty will pay the ultimate price.  It is certainly obvious that the Iranian regime is intentionally ignoring the drying of marshlands and rivers to achieve its geopolitical goals. Under this hypothesis, the regime is using the deliberate neglect of Karoon River and marshlands to facilitate the migration, displacement and ethnic cleansing of Ahwazi Arab in Iran.



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