Two Ahwazi Arab activists sentence to six years imprisonment

According to Ahwazi sources, two Ahwazi Arab political activists have been sentenced to six years imprisonment altogether by the deep flawed notorious revolutionary court in Ahwaz which heads by judge “Barani”.

The Judge Barani in the Branch three of revolutionary court of Ahwaz has issued three years in prison for each of these two activists, three years imprisonment in Karoon prison for Ali Sayahi and also three years imprisonment in Dezful prison for Amad Manabí.  

After the outbreak protest following the memory of April uprising dozens of Ahwazi activists have been arrested

Ali Sayahi, the son of Ghanim Sayahi, 29 years old, married along with Amad Manabí, the son of Sabhan Manabí, 37 years old, married and has one child who both live in Hamidiyah town were sentenced to imprisonment on charges including conspiring to commit crimes against national security, foreign relations with secessionist groups and propaganda against the regime.

It should be noted that, these two Ahwazi Arab activists have previous arrest record for many times in 2012 and 2013 due to their activism but were released on heavy bails.  Last week, they were sent to prison for serving their sentences.

In this case, Karim Dohimi, the Ahwazi human rights advocate said that these two Ahwazi Arab activists have been detained for the last time by intelligence ministry on February 2014. He also added that the two activists after suffering several weeks in solitary confinement under the torture by ministry agents who were attempting to build fabricated charges relying on forced extracted self-incriminatory confessions under torture to pave the way for issuing heavy sentences against these activists.




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