Breaking news: The Ahwazi Arab workers stage rally in the international labor day


On May 1, in conjunction with international workers’ Day, The Ahwazi Arab labor class gathered from different cities in the center of Ahwaz city for demanding their fundamental labor rights. Many of them have not received their paychecks and pensions for the past year. It has been months since their demands have gone unnoticed and they are being forced to work under threats of immediate expulsion.

On Sunday, March 16th, Workers of the Mohamerah Soap Factory staged a gathering outside the company protesting not receiving their demands which have been delayed for the past two years.

In the few months ago, a group of Mohamerah Pipe Factory workers also gathered outside the regime’s Labor Department in this city protesting their delayed paychecks. A group of Ahwaz Pipe Factory workers, along with their representatives staged yet another gathering outside the mullahs’ public prosecutor’s office in this city, demanding their delayed paychecks.

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