The Iran security forces arrest two Ahwazi Arab citizens



 According to reliable sources inside Ahwaz, two Ahwazi Arab citizens named, Hatam Mullah Abbud Dohimi aged (31) and along with his brother, Ibrahim Mullah Abbud Dohimi aged (28) have been arrested in front of their commercial store which is located in the intersection known as “Se Rah” in  western entrance to the city of Ahwaz by the City of Alhamidiah. The sources quoted to Ahwazna website that” those two citizens were arrested on Sunday by the security forces and have been transferred to an unknown location”.

These continued arbitrary arrests are carrying out as Ahwaz region saw noticeable increase in the proportion of arrests in the months of March and April of this year.

The regime has been persisting on its politics of oppression, execution and arbitrary arrests with the hope of shattering the willpower of Ahwazi Arab struggle in regaining their legitimate values socially, culturally, economically and politically.

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