Collective sentences issue against Ahwazi Arab Sunni converts


At least four Ahwazi Arab Sunni-Faith converts collectively have been sentenced to one year’s imprisonment on Thursday, 15/5/2014 by the Branch two of Iran Islamic revolution court of Ahwaz heads by the judge, Mohammad Bagher Mousawi.

According to report from Ahwazi human rights activists, the four Sunni -faith converts activists previously had been arrested in a series of wave arrests targeting 20 converts to Sunni Islam in Ahwaz region at a Qur’an and Arabic language study meeting.  But, they were released from jail on bail last year.

Speaking about the convicted Sunni activists, internal source told the Ahwazi human rights activist, Karim Dohimi, that the four Ahwazi Sunni- Faith converts named, Heydar Sayahi, the son of Naji, along with his brother Hammed Sayahi, Jafar Sayahi, the son of Hadi, and Tofigh Magatie Zadeh, the son of Mohammad, were sentenced to one year in prison for ‘religious Sunni-Faith activism. Earlier last week; they were transferred to the notorious Karoon Prison after their sentences have been confirmed.

A growing crackdown on Sunni Muslims with a sharp increase in the number of arrests reported in recent weeks from Ahwaz indicates that In addition to the discriminatory policies that bear directly upon the Arabic ethnic identity in Ahwaz, these groups are doubly affected because of their faith converts to Sunni Islam.

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