Two Ahwazi Arab activists transfer to Prison among utter neglect to their dire health conditions


According to human rights activists from Ahwaz, Jaber Sakhrawi, aged 30, a computer science graduate, resident from Ahwaz city who was arrested on March 26, 2014 due to his religious tendency to Sunni-Faith and his religious activism has been transferred to Karoon Prison on 17June, after being sustained to severe torture in Ministry Intelligence Detention.

Shukrallah Sakhrawi

In relation to severe torture of this prisoner, human rights activists from Ahwaz city have informed Karim Dohimi, the Ahwazi human rights activist, that due to the severe inhuman torture Mr. Jaber Sahrawi’s legs have completely became paralysis and his eyesight declined sharply  making him see blurry.

Jaber Sakhrawi suffers from a brain tumor and needs urgent treatment in hospital. He also had a mild heart attack three years ago. Despite his unstable physical condition, he has been locked up in ward 8 of Karoon Prison now [without one single day of furlough!] and has endured severe psychological and physical abuse. The Ministry of Intelligence has reportedly placed much pressure on him this whole time to provide them with false confessions. The family of this prisoner called on all the human rights organizations to urge the Iranian regime officials to offer a medical permission out of prison for their son who is on the verge of losing his vision.

 The cousin of Jaber Sakhrawi, Shukrallah Sakhrawi a Sunni-convert activist who was also arrested earlier this year on April 10, has been transferred from Ministry Intelligence Detention to Karoon Prison on 7June. The reliable sources reported that his physical and mental condition deteriorated due to the ongoing torture in Intelligence Detention.

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