The Iranain fascist regime grants more than two thousand hectares of Ahwazi usurped lands to the Persian settlers  


The policies of plundering and pillaging of Ahwazi Arab lands continue by Iranian regime as the Ahwazi farmers suffer from forcible confiscating of their own lands at one time under the pretext of creating job opportunities for the unemployed people who are seeking for job and sometime under the pretext of constructing military bases.

 Fatahalah Abu Ali, Chairman of the Department of Agricultural Engineering and Natural Resources in the north of the Ahwaz region during press interview with journalists  on Tuesday, 24 / June / 2014, stated that the first “completed agricultural settlement” built in Gotwand County in the north of Ahwaz was inaugurated. He pointed out that this project has been accomplished in cooperation with Military Governor of Gotwand County and Agriculture Department.

According to his words “1100 hectare of fertile lands which is located in the Gotwand County were granted to 110 settlers who are studying in the Branch of Agriculture”. In addition, ”we are seeking to bring more job opportunities in the agriculture sector exclusively for 6500 settlers who are looking for job” he added.

He also confirmed that the lands that were granted to the settlers were under control of the military forces, precisely the Garrison of “Shaheed Baghbani”. But, the lands have been allocated to the private sector after the so-called project officially being endorsed by the senior commander of the armed forces, Ali Khamenei who ordered to distribute the lands to Persian settlers.

In a related development, he added that for promotion and incentive, 1000 hectare of lands situated in the east of Ramin [2] settlement (45 km south of Ahwaz city which housed 500,000 Persian settlers) were granted to 200 settlers those who are working in Agriculture Department and had previously been received housing units in the Ramin settlement.

He said that during the past four years, the Agriculture Department granted 2760 hectares to 346 of those settlers, who were recruited in the so-called agriculture sector.

In the end, he said that “the Agriculture Department endowed governmental subsidies estimated 185 million Riyal to 225 settlers who have been recruited in agriculture sector”.

It is worth to mention that Gotwand is a new town built on the confiscated lands of Ahwazi Arab farmers and after forcible expulsion of its indigenous Arabs were resettled by Persian migrants who came systematically by regime in line with changing demography of predominantly populated Arabic areas in favor of Persian settlers.

The occupier sinister regime seems will never stop its injustices and tyrannical practices against Ahwazi Arab people. But rather, its inhuman crimes are still ongoing which include forcible requisitioning of arable lands belong to Arab farmers and awarding them to those non-Arab settlers.

At one time, the Ahwazi lands were seized by armed force from the poor Arab farmers who had to sign up the governmental papers under threats of prison as a false proof for their consent in giving their own lands by their free will to those military forces such as regime’ fanatical Basijs mobs, police and Revolutionary Guards for building military bases which later were deployed by regime to contribute in killing and oppressing Arab people who stands and speak out against the regime oppression in usurping their historical lands who lived on it for many generations. Today, after many years of military dominance on these lands, the lands were given to the Persian settlers as a step in encouraging Persian ethnic masses to settle on lands that are not belong to them. This is a vivid manifestation of deliberate plan of ethnic cleansing to exterminate the Arabic identity of Ahwaz region by the punk decision-makers of murder and terrorist cleric regime in Tehran heads by, Ali Khamenei.

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