Urgent appeal to Human Rights Organizations


United Nations Human Rights Council

The UN Special Rapporteur on human rights in Iran, Ahmed Shaheed

Amnesty International Human Rights Watch

Reporters without Borders

Arab Organizations for Human Rights

The family of Mr Jaber Kahami Sakhrawi (Abo Sami) demanded to the Ahwazi, Arabic, and International Human Rights Organisations to intervene to save the life of Mr Kahami, who is suffering from a tumour in the brain and also because of the brutal torture inflicted against him by the Iranian intelligence services during the period of investigation and interrogation, which led to complete paralysis in the legs, right hand and weakness in the vision.

 According to the family, the Iranian intelligence services arrested Mr. Jaber Kahami, 30 year old from Ahwaz city on 24 March 2014 alongside with two friends of him Mr Mehdi Helfi and Mr Majed Sari on the street in the west of Ahwaz city. The family also confirmed that Mr Kahami has been suffering from the tumour since 2009, however, the Iranian intelligence services send him to Karon prison after three months torture in the secret detention that belong to the Iranian intelligence services although his health was poor.

 Therefore, the Ahwazi Defence for Human Rights organisation strongly condemned the Iranian ill-treatment against Mr. Jaber Kahami (Abo Sami), and asked the international human rights organisation to put Iran under pressure to free Mr. Kahami from the prison or give him chance of accessing treatment at hospital.


Ahwaz is an Arab land that is located in the southwest and south of Iran. The name of Al Ahwaz has changed to Khuzestan, Bushier and Hurmozgan in 1936, after Iran occupied the country in 1925. Both Iranian regimes, the Pahlavi era and the Islamic republic era, used different ways to suppress Ahwazi voices.

Cultural and political activists like Mr. Jaber Kahami Sakhrawi are under pressure by the authorities.

 In the past few days, the Iranian authorities executed two members of Al-Shabab cultural organisation, and few months ago executed two members of Al-Hewar cultural organisation in the secret detention.

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