Mine blast killed an Ahwazi Arab citizen



According to Ahwazna report, the legacies of war are still claiming the lives of Ahwazi Arab people when just recently an Ahwazi Arab citizen called “Ahmad Hafezi Torfi” was killed by a roadside mine explosion near Bostan city in a war –stricken area known as Chobeydeh which is situated 85 kilometer west of Ahwaz city.

The informed human rights activists from Ahwaz reported that this 22year old man was killed on Wednesday July 11, after his car veered off the main road hitting the mine which was left from Iran-Iraq war days .After the mine exploded, the body of this young man was torn into pieces and taken out of his burned vehicle with the help of local residents.

A reliable source close to the deceased family said that Ahmad married 8 month ago and to support his family, he had to carry passengers by his Taxi but it did not last very long.

The source added that the local people and family members who visited the family to share their condolences have placed the responsibility of this incident which happens frequently in this region and claims the lives of dozens of Arabs, on Iranian regime who keeps this region neglected intentionally without any concrete actions to clean the area from mines which are left over 26 years after the end of war between Iran-Iraq

The Iranian regime not only has not taken any step to clean up the Ahwaz region from unexploded bombs and mines but instead they deployed the land-mines as war against Arab local people to fulfill their agenda in confiscating the lands of Ahwazi Arabs which are on border strip.

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