Five Ahwazi Arab shot dead and ten seriously wounded by the Iranian regime police security forces


According to Human Rights Activists News Agency (Harana) and reliable sources inside Qasem Island, the police had clashed with the indigenous Ahwazi Arab people living in the village “Kaweh” in Qeshm Island which resulted in death of five people and wounding ten others including women and children.

After the discovery of smuggled fuel in “Kaweh” village, five Ahwazi Arab men were killed and at least ten others were fatally injured during shooting by the police. In addition, a ship at the village beach was set ablaze by the police security forces. This ship had contained smuggled fuel owned by the local people.

The police forces also confiscated all the properties belonging to those local smugglers who have been killed and wounded. Qeshm Island is the largest Island in the Arabian Gulf and is located a few kilometers south coast opposite the port of the city of Jamberoon (Bandar Abbas).

The island has over 1,491 km2 area, 135 km length and 40 km width and has a population around 113,846 (2010). However, in recent years the Iranian authorities begun to change the demographic of the Island by bringing massive number of settlers from different part of Iran to the Island.

In images sent by eyewitnesses show residential places which the police claimed where used as locations for storing smuggled fuel were bulldozed completely.

The indigenous Ahwazi Arab people living in Qeshm Island are mostly relying on fuel smuggling due to the abject poverty and severe economic condition which they suffer from.

The names of those who were killed and injured in the incident are not known as yet and the Iranian police website has not reported the incident since the protest sparked by the local Arab people against the barbaric killing and oppressing carried out by the regime occupying forces.

The Ahwazi Defence for Human Rights organisation strongly condemned the death of 5 Ahwazi from Qeshm Island by regime forces and said occupying regime must be held accountable for its nameless crimes which perpetrated against Ahwazi Arab people.

Note: Due to the explicit details of human pain and suffering, the contents contained in this news are not recommended for anyone under the age of 18, and/or those suffering from emotional disorders.

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