Along with the sand storm in Ahwaz, the regime plans to transfer water from Karoon River


While the intensity of sand storms are dramatically increasing in Al-Ahwaz territory which is caused by the widespread drying of water sources as a result of the deliberate regime policies, first vice president has met with Governor of Isfahan province to discuss details of the transfer of water from Karoon River to Persian central plateau.

It is the second meeting of the vice president, Es’hagh Jahangiri, with the Governor of Isfahan province, Rasul Zargarpur, within less than two month certainly suggests the continuing plans for diverting the main course of Karoon River to the arid Persian areas and destroying the Ahwazi climate particularly its ecosystem and its wetlands which almost tuned into desert areas due to the excessive dam construction on rivers which led to the spreading of air pollution and the emergence of serious respiratory illnesses in Ahwaz.

According to Iranian state news agencies, the Governor of Isfahan province, Rasul Zargarpur on the fringe of his meeting with vice president, Es’hagh Jahangiri, emphasized on the necessity of speeding up the project for transferring water from Ahwaz Karoon River to Isfahan province for reviving the drying Zayandehrood River. He also called on the Vice President to urge relevant authorities particularly the Ministry of Energy to cooperate effectively in accelerating for implementation of the project.

Water diversion and excessive dam construction projects on Karoon River have drastically caused the drying of Ahwaz climate resulting in emergence of sand storms which annually claiming over 4 thousands lives of Ahwazi Arabs who diagnose with cancer and cardiovascular diseases linked to air pollution.

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