#ِAhwazna – Hundreds of Ahwazi Arabs visit and eulogize martyrs families in Eid Al-Fitr


On Monday evening, after attending Eid Prayer dozens of Ahwazi Arab youths announced a peaceful march from mosque in solidarity with the Ahwazi families whose sons were executed and imprisoned by the Iranian regime. People who were gathered in front of the Martyrs families’ homes sent a strong defiant message to the occupying regime by reciting national poems in praise of martyrs’ self-sacrifices. The march was peaceful, the protesters also raised banners and chanted resisting slogans against non-stop ethnic cleansing polices of regime.

According to reports by reliable sources, the Iranian security forces have violently raided homes of many of Ahwazi Arabs who took part in the Eid protest and arrested a number of them whose names have not been identified yet.

To be noted that Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-adha, the two national events for Ahwazi Arab people, are used as national campaign against regime oppressive practices aimed at exterminating the Arabic identity in Ahwaz region. In spite of regime clamp-down, each year Ahwazi Arab People visit those Arab families whose relatives were executed or imprisoned by regime to declare their continued solidarity with the mourning families.

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