#Ahwazna – Tens of Ahwazi Arab rural areas near Susa city are deprived of having access to drinking water


According to Ahwazi Arab activists, a large number of Ahwazi Arab villages around Susa city not having easy access to drink water.

Men and women of these thirsty villages travel to far-distant areas in order to get access to safe water supply while they are located near the “Dez River” which having high water level.

Over 50 rural areas around Susa city with approximately 20 thousand people are deprived of having water pipe system and to carry the needed water to their homes people are forced to reach themselves every day to governmental centers which have piped water system. However, there are also many villages whose living condition remained miserable and have to drink untreated water from polluted river, streams and small muddy ponds. Please watch the below video:

One rural woman who agreed to speak with Ahwazna website sources on the condition of anonymity said briefly that everyone let us down, nobody cares about us ,we are forgotten people, it seems that we are not human being in the eyes of government authorities.

As her tears begun to roll down on her face, she went on what should I tell you, where should I start from because for those who are not familiar with our sufferings maybe it is hard for them to believe how is it like for us to live without access to water while we are resided near Dez and Shavor rivers, our miseries are obvious come and see, we are deliberately neglected by government.

She indicated that most of rural women are suffering from chronic headache as they walk few kilometers to reach clean water. Therefore, they carry water on their heads by huge pots but some of women are a bit lucky because their families have vehicles like tractor to bring water.

She added that Arab villagers often suffer from deadly gastrointestinal diseases and the children suffer more than others from drinking unsafe water.

The lack of attention to the Ahwaz Arabs problems particularly those who live in rural areas is a planned discriminatory policy aimed to exert more pressure on rural people to abandon their own lands which pave the way for regime to confiscate it.

Image of Ahwazi Arab women in rural areas struggling to get access to water even though it is unclean and undrinkable:



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