#Ahwazna – Regime authorities announced to block out dozens of local websites in Ahwaz


The Iranian regime authorities officially announced of their plan to block out many of Ahwazi local websites interested in social and cultural affairs of Ahwazi Arab community.

The regime officials in Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance said that there are estimated one hundred and twenty websites which mostly run by unidentified individuals so that there is no information or addresses of their owners, making it difficult to uncover their true identities.

The occupying regime authorities accused these websites of covering activities of elements who are enemy and antagonistic to Islamic Revolution and such websites by dismantling materials, tendentious news and reports aimed at stirring nationalist sentiments among Ahwazi Arab readers and also accused the websites of threatening   regime official’s figures of Islamic Revolution in Ahwaz.

The Iranian regime always tries to label fake accusations and jaw-dropping lies to anyone interested in Ahwazi Arab social and cultural issues because they view it as threat to their chauvinistic and repressive policies in Ahwaz region.

It has been known that Iranian regime is the enemy of internet as in the recent months they have  imposed tight control on the internet users to monitor their activism particularity Ahwazi Arab cyber activists who were  arrested and received heavy prison sentences.

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