#Ahwazna – Unfair and biased prison sentences confirmed against six Ahwazi Arab political activists


According to reports obtained by the Ahwazi Defence for Human Rights organisation, collective heavy sentences confirmed against four Ahwazi Arab activists who have been in detention for more than 22 months waiting for their sentences to be issued.

The branch one of Ahwaz revolution court heads by the judge Borhani who is known for his biased judgment against Ahwazi Arab prisoners has sentenced Mr Hassan Abiat 36 year-old, the son of Jlaw to the life imprisonment, Mr Eidan Bit Sayah 37 year-old, the son of Kazem to 10 years in prison, Mr Jasem Saiedi, 30 year-old to 10 years in prison , Mr Khaled Obidawi, 30 year-old to 10 years prison, Mr Reza Obidawi, the son of Nazel to 10 years in prison and Mr Jalil Naami to 5 years in prison on 7th August 2014. The six Ahwazi Arab activists who were arrested on December, 2011 following the spark of widespread protests in various cities of Ahwaz and the Angry graffiti that popped up in the whole region which was aimed to urge people to boycott the Parliamentary elections on 2011. During that time, the intelligence service arrested these nine Ahwazi activists of shush city and after long terms in solitary confinement under the worst and harsh physical and physiological tortures, they had to confess in favor of intelligence service accusations.

Many trails of those Ahwazi detainees failed to meet international standard for fair trials, including by using “confessions” obtained under tortures or other ill-treatment as evidence against the defendants. The Iranian Press TV channel broadcasted Self -incriminating testimonies of these Ahwazi detainees before the opening of a trail, undermining the fundamental rights of defendants to be considered innocent until proven guilty. Then, the First Branch of Revolutionary court in Ahwaz city headed by the Judge, Borhani, with direct collaboration with intelligence service sentenced them to cruel and unfair sentences.

Their sentences came after they were being accused of acting against national security and having connection with exiled- broad political parties hostile to Iranian regime.

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