#Ahwazna – Five Ahwazi Arab detainees transferred to Karoon Prison


Five Ahwazi Arab activists who were arrested on August 10, 2014, by the Iranian intelligence agents have been transferred from the Ministry Intelligence Service to Karoon Prison in Ahwaz capital. According to report by Ahwazna sources inside Ahwaz, Mohammad Sayahi, Mohammad Batrani along with his two brothers and Abbas Sawari who were arrested because of their peaceful campaign in Eid al-Fitr occasion for visiting the families whose relatives were executed in the recent years due to their political activism for Ahwazi cause after being sustained to severe torture during their interrogation by Intelligence agents have been transferred to Karoon Prison on Saturday, August 16, 2014. Prior to the related events, the chemical engineer, Assad Salehi also was arrested in the occasion of Eid al-Fitr just for visiting the family members whose sons were executed by regime. It needs to be noted that despite the transfer of these detainees from custody to Karoon Prison, their families said they were not able to visit their sons so far. 

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