#ِAhwazna – Schools in Susa city suffer from deliberate neglect


The schools in Susa city and villages are suffering from deliberate neglect by the regime officials where those schools are no longer fit for use and parents are worried that the roof could collapse due to leaky celling during the rainy season.

One Ahwazi Arab female teacher who asked to remain unknown said that “the age of many schools in and around Susa city are more than forty years old and we have not received any attention from the officials for rebuilding and repairing the infrastructure of these schools and nobody takes responsibility for highlighting this serious problem while our children are the ones paying the price as last year the roof of one classroom has collapsed during the rainy season forcing the students to evacuate the classrooms and stay at homes for a long periods awaiting for reconstruction of their school and still we do not know when we will have a safe and permanent building”.

In other interview with a local resident located in an outskirt of Susa city called Khazraj, “many of the schools in rural areas need repair and reconstruction and there are a lot of villages are deprived of having schools and Arab students are facing difficulties and challenges that push them to travel every day to long –distances schools of neighboring villages to save themselves from illiteracy”, he said.

Need to be mentioned that Susa city has the highest number of rural areas which suffer from lack of basic services like educational facilities. Statistics indicate that there are more than 650 thousand Ahwazi Arab Illiterates only in some areas and the outskirts of this city but the real numbers may be larger than the mentioned figure.

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