#Ahwazna – Regime official statistics informed 650 thousand illiterate in Al-Ahwaz


According to Iranian Khouznews website, Mohammad Taghi Zadeh, Ahwaz general director of education during a Joint Meeting of Council and supporters of Education of  so called "Khuzestan Province", admitted to high prevalence illiteracy in Ahwaz region which apparently is as a consequence of regime policies in banning Ahwazi Arabs from education in their Arabic mother tongue.

 He said that the statistics of Ministry of education of Ahwaz confirmed that there are approximately   650 thousands illiterate in Al-Ahwaz region.

He added that Ahwaz region suffers from severe shortage of 7500 well-qualified teachers and 1025 schools and buildings which are the prime factors of education backwardness.

He also pointed to the rampant illiteracy in remote Ahwazi areas like rural and tribal areas due to shortage of educational facilities, lack of motivation among the students as a result of poverty and lack of access to training materials.

Off course, such facts vividly show the systematic neglect of education sector in Ahwaz by regime  since the average school dropout among Ahwazi Arab students start often from fourth and fifth grades where on one hand, the poor families are not able to afford  the  fees of their children at school and on the other hand, the Iranian education system by Persian language  which imposed on Arab students  to learn Persian language compulsorily in contrast to their willing among  racial discrimination by Persian teachers against Arab students who have difficulty in learning Persian  instead of their native Arabic language.

The reports accomplished by Ahwazi Arab activists indicated that many reasons are contributed to the high rate of school dropout and high level of illiteracy including denial of Arabic language, ethnic discrimination and humiliation practiced by Persian teachers against Ahwazi Arab students that led to severe psychological and physical trauma of the students, serious financial problems of families. . Many Ahwazi Arab students say that the racist Persian teachers are refraining from assisting the students to learn effectively subjects in classroom and often encourage the students to quit the schools.

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