#ِAhwazna – An Ahwazi Arab political prisoner exiled to Rajai Shahr prison


According to Ahwazna sources from Ahwaz, Hamzeh Sawari, an Ahwazi political prisoner in Karoon prison has been banished to the notorious Rajai Shahr prison which is located in Karaj city.

On mid of August , he after spending eight years in Karoon prison has been exiled to Rajai Shahr prison in the north of Iran

Hamzeh Sawari, Father’s Name; Lefteh, was political activist from one of the most deprived outskirt of Ahwaz which is known as Shekareh 3.

He was arrested on 2005 along with his two brothers, Mohammad Ali Sawari (English teacher) and Jafar Sawari, who both were executed in 2007 on charges of enmity with God, corrupting on earth. His arrest came at the same time of his success in the entrance exam of university where he was accepted in English teaching faculty in Ahwaz but was prevented of pursuing his education.

Hamzeh was charged with acting against national security, waging war against God, corruption on earth and his sentence under the biased judge, Shabbani, was commutated from death penalty to life imprisonment on 2007.

He is currently suffering from serious infection and renal inflammation and has been denied of receiving effective medical care out of Karoon prison.

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