#Ahwazna – Acute surge of kidney failure signifies an imminent catastrophic health in Ahwaz


According to Ahwaz’s medical experts that in the recent years, the percentage of kidney failure has drastically been increased among Ahwazi Arab residents, yet the percentage of people diagnosed with kidney failure is expected to be tripled.

 The medical experts stated that the percentage of patients with kidney failure has seen a sudden surge which signifies an imminent catastrophic health in the Ahwaz region. The medical reports indicate that around 1449 patients diagnosed with kidney failure who are currently undergoing dialysis treatment have been registered in Ahwaz’s medical centers.

In this case, Ahwaz Jundishapur University of Medical Sciences has released a report speaks about a possible rise in the ratio of people with kidney diseases to three times in the next five years. One of the specialist doctors, who have contributed in preparation of this report, pointed out that each month nearly 70 people who are complaining from early stage of kidney diseases are visiting the medical and clinic centers and most of them eventually develop kidney failure. The report demonstrates that 6 to 7 percent from one thousand Ahwazi Arab citizens who have been participated in the medical research confirmed suffer from kidney diseases.

It is said that Ahwaz’s contaminated water is one the major reasons caused the Ahwazi Arab people who are deprived of having access to clean drinking water for years to develop various kinds of kidney diseases which due to lack of cadres and well-experienced specialists doctors, ill-equipped hospitals, and lack of equipment to detect kidney diseases particularly dialysis equipment to treat and stop progressing of the early symptoms of kidney diseases have exacerbated the situation which led to death of  many of the Ahwazi patients so far.

The head of Jundishapur University of Medical Sciences stated that there is only 270 dialysis equipment in Ahwaz city and these numbers are insufficient. He added that 1563 patients with kidney failure have undergone renal transplantation. He expressed concern that those patients would probably develop side effects after transplantation which exposes their lives at risk of death as a result of lack of medicine and the absences of experienced and expert doctors in the Ahwaz city.

These figures show only part of the scale of the fatal phenomenon which kills the Ahwazi Arab people. However, the Iranian government not only did not take any step ahead to address it but also intends to escalate it by diverting Karoon’s water from its main course and pumping it to central Persian regions as the Ahwaz region suffer from severe water scarcity and air pollution which claimed the lives of thousands of Ahwazi Arabs.


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