#Ahwazna – One Ahwazi youth artist and dozens of other Ahwazi activists arrested


According to reliable sources from Ahwaz during the past few days, Iranian regime security forces have raided many homes of Ahwazi Arab activists in different districts and arrested at least five activists. one prominent Ahwazi youth artist named Ghassan Chaldawi who is very popular among Ahwazi Arab people for his lovely and wonderful painting works has also been arrested just because of his latest fabulous painting works which have nothing to do with policy .

It is obvious that the regime does not want any free act to gain attention among people for this reason they show intolerant even to peaceful artists like the latest painting posters of Ghassan Chaldawi. It has been over ten day since Ghasan ’arrest but his family said they have no idea or information of his well-being and whereabouts and expressed grave concern for their son.

The local sources added that the other detainees are Sunni religious and political activists who were arrested on Friday morning. According to the sources, the security forces entered the premises by climbing up walls and breaking the entry doors and arrested four individuals identified as Mehdi Majdam, Torki Abu Khanfar, Amin Zobeidy and Ali Zahiri.

Here you can see the latest works of the artist and painter, Ghassan Chaldawi who is still in detention as the cause of his arrest has not yet been announced.


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