#Ahwazna- Ahwazi Arab women resisting against home demolition by the Iranian occupying forces


According to Ahwazna sources,   the Iranian regime security forces who were escorting a bulldozer raided a home in one of Ahwazi villages early Monday and ordered the home residents to collect their things, and get out immediately because their home must be demolished but the occupying forces faced with  strong resistance  from group of Ahwazi Arab women who  bravely formed a human chain around the home and refused to evacuate  it  and some of them lay down in front of the bulldozer to prevent it from demolishing their home as of one women was crying and screaming saying  to the security forces that “you are going to demolish my home over my dead body”, “I have five children where I have to go”.

In recent years, the Iranian regime brutally have demolished and confiscated many of the Ahwazi Arab homes almost under the pretext of building without a permit as roughly 70 percent of Ahwazi applications for building permit rejected.


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