Crackdown on Ahwazi Sunni’s Intensified by the Iranian Regime


The Ahwazi human rights activists have reported that during the days of Eid al-Adha the Iranian regime’s state security forces have arbitrarily carried out mass arrests operations in the cities of Al-Ahwaz particularly in Susa city, northern of Ahwaz and ALbesetin west of Ahwaz capital.

According to eyewitnesses, the regime’s forces violently raided the houses of dozens of Arab residents in the Susa city. The regime’s forces also arrested dozens on the day of the Islamic feast Eid al-Adha or Feast of Sacrifice on charges of being Sunni, and acting against national security. Of course there is no evidence that the people who were arrested have done any illegal activity against the government.

 So far, only four individuals have been identified of the Susa residents. They have been arrested and transferred to an undisclosed location, and they are identified as following:

1: Jamil Kennani, 2:   Morteza Kaabi, 3: Sadegh Rashedi, 4: Hussein Kennani

 According to reports received from Ahwaz, in a separate operation on Tuesday 7th of October 2014, the regime security forces have savagely raided the houses of Arab residents in the Albesetin County and arrested at least 30 residents and transferred them to an unknown location.  Six names out of thirty detainees of Albesetin County have been identified so far and they are: 1) Ayoub Korushat

2) Yousef Kotushat

3) Ahmad Ebiat

4) Sohyel Houwizawi

5) Rasoul Houwizawi

6) Rasoul Saiedi

It is reported that the collective arrests of these residents came after holding Feast of Sacrifice prayers in their city as the crackdown on the Ahwazi Arab Sunni Muslims have intensified during the past few week. According to the reports, the Ahwazi Arab Sunnis in entire Ahwaz region were prevented to hold prayer on this very important Islamic feast. This shows that the Iranian regime is preventing the Arab people from practicing their religion freely.

Three  photos of Susa detainees by the names of Jamil Kennani, Morteza Kaabi and Hussein Kennani are as follow respectively:





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