#Ahwazna -The Iranian occupying regime says 150,000 drugs addicted in Ahwaz region


The political and social Governor Deputy, Farajollah Khabir, in seminar which has been held in welfare center department under slogan so-called promoting social welfare and combating poverty in Ahwaz, announced that there are 150,000 drug addicted individuals in entire Ahwaz region.

He added that according to the latest figures of toll death resulting from narcotics believe or not every two hours one person addicted to drugs losses his /her life in the Ahwaz region.

In a related case, Farzad Hosseini, the Director of Forensic Medicine, few months ago stated; “that the death toll due to drug abuse in the Ahwaz city has reached to 128.6 percent in the month of May of this year as the rise of drug abuse in Ahwaz city alone caused the death of 16 people (13 males and 3 females)”. However, he did not indicate to any comprehensive statistics about the death toll rate in the whole Ahwazi cities, towns and villages due to the drug abuses.

 In this case, Saeed Hamidan, the Executive Director of Ahwazi organization for the Defense of Human of rights (AODHR) stated that “the Ahwazi Arab people are one of the nations in Iran that its youth people have been plagued systematically by drug addiction”.

“This deadly plague not only claimed a large number of Arab youth lives but also it devastated family structure and  torn apart countless numbers of families and dragged them into poverty,  crime ,violence,  prison , divorce ,prostitution and finally death”.

He added that “Ahwazi witnesses quoted to “AODHR” saying that it has been confirmed that the strongest and dangerous drugs and narcotics such as “Methamphetamine “are spreading in the Ahwaz region by the Iranian regime”.

 “The aim of spreading drugs among Ahwazi society is a deliberate and systematic act  to distance the Ahwazi people from their Ahwazi cause and also in order for regime to break the willpower and weaken the principle of the Ahwazi youth in their struggle against the Iranian occupation”, he said.

The world must know that the Iranian occupying regime is exercising all forms of oppression over the Ahwazi Arab youth, using inhuman and dirty methods.

The occupying regime officials are themselves drug traffickers and gain their revenues through trafficking illicit drugs to carry out terrorist acts inside and outside the country.

The regime officials are intentionally turning blind eye to drug dealers and their efforts to distribute drugs freely to harm and destroy Ahwazi Arab youth.

Through systematic policy regime is scheming to bury the Ahwazi youth alive by falling them into the trap of drugs.

It shows that the Iranian occupation is not satisfied with the occupation of Ahwazi lands, increasing the unemployment, stealing the water sources but also they are targeting the Ahwazi youth generation to effectively eradicate the Ahwazi ethnic roots from the Ahwaz region.

The key factors of Iran systematic exclusion policies which have been adopted against Ahwazi people for years are unemployment, poverty, marginalization, social isolation and distributing narcotics, which mutually reinforce and cause progressive social exclusion through their interaction and they consequently have caused the Ahwazi Arabs to experience such prolong crippling social, economic and political situation by the despotic regime.

We know that the unemployment, the poverty and the marginalization are the primary indicators of the exclusion policies which according to the regime officials Ahwaz region ranks second and third in regard to unemployment, poverty and marginalization despite its abundant oil, gas wealth which had been unequally distributed among Persian provinces and also Persian settlers who came to the Ahwaz region by the aid of the occupying regime. But one of the devastating key weapons which systematically targeted the Ahwazi Arabs in recent years is the narcotic drugs that are being spread by the regime intelligence services in the Ahwazi towns and villages.

The intelligence agents who stand behind the drug trafficking attempt to destroy and shatter the Ahwaz social fabric in order to break the national aspiration of educated, intellectuals and those patriots in their struggle against the occupying policies of regime.

please watch the below video about two Ahwazi victims of drug abuse who explain how and when and where they have been fell into the drug abuse:

The name of first victim is Mohammed who said “he was arrested by the security forces due to domestic quarrel with his family.

 He says, he was healthy and even non-smoker young man until the security forces have been thrown him into the Karoon Prison. Because of physiological pressure in cell, he was driven to the narcotics which are disseminating by the prison officials”.

He says “as he became fully addicted, the prison official set him free. Now he is using one of the dangerous drugs known as crack cocaine”. He added that “he buys this drug from bunch of Persian settlers who have a good relationship with police security”.


Second video also shows one Ahwazi Arab young man who is living in slums and has been addicted to crack cocaine:

Third video shows one Ahwazi Arab young man who is dying in the streets due to overdose of drugs:

  The shameless occupying regime sounds not contented with the extent of its oppression, including the death penalty, stealing the water sources, the ongoing displacement practices and the expulsion of Ahwazi workers from their jobs. Therefore, they began to approach narcotics and drugs trafficking as a lethal weapon to kill and eliminate the Ahwazi Arab citizens from their homeland to effectively fulfill their ethnic cleansing agenda which has allegedly been previously followed by various procedures.







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