#Ahwazna – Iranian forces demolish 45 Ahwazi homes and nearly damaged 78 other in Ahwaz capital 


On Monday, October27, 2014, Iranian occupying forces once again have brutally invaded Ahwazi Arab houses in the poorest slums in various parts of Ahwaz capital.

According to eye witnesses, the military operation which has been launched yesterday early morning without any prior warning to the Ahwazi Arab residents left more than 45 Ahwazi houses completely ravaged and destroyed and over 78 others damaged seriously.

The operation which has been reinforced with intensive military vehicles, including 5 bulldozers, have savagely terrified the innocent and defenseless Ahwazi Arab residents including children, women, old and handicapped people by constant  arbitrary shooting in the air as a message for  the Ahwazi civilians to get out of their houses and having chance within 2o minutes to evacuate their property  as their house must be  destroyed as usual under the pretext so-called illegal construction and lack of legal permit for constructing.

The occupying bulldozers have also demolished the electricity, telephone towers, branch roads and streets of the densely residential areas of the Ahwazi civilians.

This military operation by the Iranian occupying regime left 45(350) homeless and the home and properties of over 78families (500) were seriously damaged.

The silence of international community toward violations of humanitarian rights in Al-Ahwaz serves to encourage the Iranian occupying forces to intensify such oppression and violation against the Ahwazi Arab people.

An unbearable condition of life has been imposed on the entire Ahwazi Arab population by the Iranian regimes. It is incredible that in an age of human rights, such atrocities can continue to rage for more than 9 decades and that there are people in nations who undermined and underestimated such inhumanity.

Poverty, expulsion, killing, addiction, land, home and property confiscation and many countless crimes are perpetrating by the Iran regime. Where are those human rights activists who proclaiming for advocating human rights to open their eyes toward the Ahwazi Arabs sufferings.

Ruins of the houses and properties of the Ahwazi Arab civilians which was destroyed by the Iranian occupying regime:


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