#Ahwazna – The Ahwazi Arab community protest against Iranian regime ethnic cleansing policies


On Wednesday 29.10.2014, the Ahwazi Arab community organized demonstration in London to condemn the surge of extra-judicial executions and ethnic cleansing policy perpetrated by the Iranian regime against the Ahwazi Arabs, which includes the systematic demolition and destruction of houses, has had catastrophic humanitarian impacts on the thousands of the Ahwazi civilians who have been made homeless.

The Ahwazi community held the demonstration to voice out the oppressed voice of Ahwazi Arabs that are under the worst oppression and occupation which have never ever seen in the human history so far.

The Ahwazi activists denounced the despicable crime of destruction of civilian property of the Ahwazi Arab people and described it as a declared war against the Ahwazi defenseless people, whose Iranian perpetrators must be brought to justice in accordance with international humanitarian law.

 Other ethnic communities such as Turks, Kurds and Baluchs have also participated in the demonstration to slam the Iran regime over its malicious policy in murdering their people and the ongoing machine of execution that are committing against their oppressed nations every day.

 The Ahwazi women also took part in the demonstration to protest against the violations of the basic   women rights like having chance of education in their Arabic native language.

The Ahwazi females’ protesters called on abolition of the sex discrimination that the totalitarian Iranian regime adopted against the Ahwazi Arab women exclusively along with all women as a whole in the country for decades.

The demonstration has been taken place today from 1 till 3PM in London SW1P 3BD (Parliament Square) as an aim to reveal to the UK government, world community and human rights organizations the plight of the Ahwazi Arab people from the prosecution, the forced displacement, the systematic and the extrajudicial killings, the genocide and ethnic cleansing policies which carried out against them by the Iranian regime.

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