#Ahwazna – Fears from the Abu-Shahar nuclear reactor forced Ahwazis to flee from their villages


The residents of Ahwazi villages that reside adjacent to the Abu-Shahar (Bushehr) nuclear reactor, have fears of missing their villages as a result of the pressure exerted by the Iranian occupation authorities in order to displace them from their villages. It is said that the people of these villages are afraid of the risks that may damage the reactor which is located in the region of fault lines, as this region has previously been prone to earthquakes. It is noteworthy, that according to historians, the history of "Hilaila" village is estimated up to a thousand years. This village is located about twenty kilometres south-west of the Abu-Shahar nuclear reactor and is home to over two thousand Ahwazi citizens. Human rights activists have confirmed that the residents of Hilaila village and its neighbouring villages complain of being denied all the services in order to force them from their homes. In spite of these pressures and attempts that have been practiced by the Iranian authorities, the residents are still clinging to their homes and lands, and it is evident that the Iranian authorities have failed to displace these residents from these villages. The observers of the Iranian affairs said that the Iranian authorities launched two of the largest nuclear reactors on the territory of Al-Ahwaz, namely the Abu-Shahar and Darkhowain nuclear reactors. These have serious dangers to the Arab people of Al-Ahwaz and also to the GCC. They also believe that the Iranian occupying regime proceeded to build nuclear reactors on Ahwazi Arab land in order to avoid its loyalist’s Persian citizens from potentially large risks in the future.

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