#Ahwazna – The Iranian occupying Intelligence agents arrested an Ahwazi political activist


According to reliable reports received by Ahwazna, Ali Haidari, an Ahwazi political activist, was arrested by the agents from the Ministry of Intelligence who raided his home at 5 AM at dawn on 3 November.

30- year old Ali Haidari, a prominent political activist who is married and has two children was arrested early morning on Monday.

 According to eyewitnesses, the Intelligence agents without providing any authorization searched his home and arbitrarily rummaged through his personal belongings, seizing all of his Arabic books and pamphlets. He has been taken to an unknown location as there has been no news concerning his fate and his whereabouts.

Ali’s relatives have been quoted as saying, “the Intelligence agents have not  informed us of the reasons   behind his arrest”. They also said that Ali at first being threatened by the Basij Militia forces before his arrest by the agents.

To be noted that Ali Haidari had previously been detained about 8 month ago and spent 3 months in solitary confinement of the occupying Intelligence service, where he was allegedly interrogated and tortured severely. He was then released temporarily after paying a heavy bail.

The occupying regime forces have constantly carried out indiscriminate mass arrests in order to spread panic and sow fears into the hearts of people in Al-Ahwaz.

By mistreating, torturing and executing Ahwazi political prisoners they try to spread the message that the occupying regime forces would suppress and  destroy anyone who wants to oppose the regime which has been occupying Ahwazi lands since 1925 till today.


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