#Ahwazna – Wave of arbitrary arrests in Ahwazi cities continue by masked Intelligence agents


Latest reports say that within one week at least 6 Ahwazi political and religious ideological activists have been arrested.

The night raid operations by regime forces against Ahwazi homes spread to all Ahwazi cities, which show the increasing fear by the occupying forces of any activism or popular campaign in Al-Ahwaz.

Recent reports of mass arbitrary arrests that have been carried out against Ahwazi Arab civilians and political activists clearly confirm the extensive scale of crackdown conducting by the occupying regime forces that aim at quelling every flame of protest before being stricken by the Ahwazi Arab people.

  In recent days, new waves of arrests have been witnessed in the Ahwazi cities.  In this regard, the Ahwazna sources, have confirmed that on 04/11/2014, Hassan Abiat and Mohammad Abiat, two brothers, from Hamidieh city were arrested by masked Intelligence Ministry agents on Tuesday.

33-year old Hassan and 28-year old Mohammad were arrested after the Intelligence masked forces invaded their house.

The agents after assaulting and insulting the two brothers confiscated their personal belongings such as personal computers for further investigation.  The two brothers were taken to an unknown location.

These two brothers had previously been arrested for several times by the masked Intelligence Ministry agents and released after spending months in Solitary confinements. “This caused Hassan Abiat to suffer from psychological instabilities”, his relatives said.

Furthermore, the reports indicate that in recent days, other political and ideological activists named Ali Haidari and Amin Mogheinemi were arrested for unknown reasons and have been transferred to unknown locations by the agents of Intelligence service.

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