#Ahwazna – Mass arbitrary arrests launched against Ahwazi Sunni Arabs by the Iranian regime’s occupying security forces


On Monday 10/23/2014, the Ahwazna reliable sources have reported that the security forces and Intelligence agents have arrested more than 15 Ahwazi Arab citizens for their Sunni beliefs and religious activities. The sources confirmed that on Monday during a raid on a house in Al-Shekareh neighborhood, in the capital city of Ahwaz, at least 16 Ahwazi Sunni converts have been arrested collectively at a Qur’an and Arabic language study meeting. The names of twelve detainees have so far been identified as a follow: 1: Hassan Hazbawi 2: Ghazban Sayahi 3:  Mohammad Silawi 4:   Nassar Silawi 5: Amin Saedi 6: Aghil Saedi 7: Sayed Jassem Alboshoka 8: Abu-Massud Badawi 9 Hassan Hazbawi 10: Hachem Nasseri 11: Abu- Amjed Haidari 12:  Nassar Mohammad Silawi 13: Ahmad Haidari 14: Hussein Bawi, 15: Abbas Sari 16: Ahmad Bawi. The sources added that two of detainees by the names of Abu Amine Saedi and Abu- Mansour Saedi   were released due to their old age after hours of interrogation and torture. The sources also said that large numbers of Intelligence agents and security forces have participated in this brutal operation against the Ahwazi Sunni Arab citizens. The security elements have   savagely entered into the house, breaking the entrance -door and glass of windows and seriously damaged the private properties through their arbitrary search where they were allegedly intimidated the Ahwazi women and children of the place. It is noteworthy that in the past few days, Ahwaz has witnessed mass arrests in several cities. The arrests carried out by the occupying security forces under the command of Intelligence Ministry agents, focusing mainly on political, cultural and Sunni-converts activists.          

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