#Ahwazna – Local Jobjii villagers discover the secret burial place of Hashem Shabbani and Hadi Rashdi


Ahwazi human rights activists have reported that local witnesses  from “Jobji village”,  located 7 km southeast of Ramez (Ramhormuz),  have testified  that last winter the bodies of Hashem Shabbani  and Hadi Rashdi were buried near their village by the Iranian security forces.

The testimony of the eye witnesses and  the spreading news of the discovery of the secret burial place have come after one year has passed since the secret execution of these  two Ahwazi  political activists. Following the murders of Hadi Rashdi and Hashem Shabbani , widespread waves of international condemnation stormed against Iran.  The news of the extra  judicial execution of Hadi and Hashem  was prominent in the top headlines of hundreds of audio and visual media worldwide.

Scores of professional artists from France, Canada, Australia, Japan and other countries have lamented the death of Hadi and Hashem by composing poems and elegies in different languages. Hashem Shabbani and Hadi Rashdi,  teachers and outspoken Ahwazi activists, were members and co-founders of Cultural Institute of Al-Hewar, which means dialogue in English. They were  arrested  on 28 February 2011 by the security forces in their workplace at school ,  in June 2012  , the revolutionary  court in Ahwaz has  sentenced them to death after unjust trials without access to lawyers .

The court had charged them with enmity against God,  national security,  militant activities and secession.  In late December 2012, the final verdict was approved by the Supreme Court in Tehran.

In late November of 2013, they were transferred from Karoon Prison to an unknown location and after some time had passed, in late January the Ministry of Intelligence agents during a phone call to their families rudely informed them of the executions of Hadi and Hashem .

In June 2012, four more Arab activists (three of whom were brothers),  Abas Hedarian , Taha Hedarian, Abdul-Rahman Hedarian  and Ali Naemimi (sharfi), were executed in Karoon Prison.  In 2013, the local people discovered their mass grave in Bagh Malek city, in which the security forces put their bodies into one grave and threw concert on them.

Through a video recording they released to the public (which they took secretly prior to their execution with a smuggled mobile phone), they announced that their confessions were basically false and extracted from them under sever duress and unspeakable torture.  Their death sentences had been issued based on their confessions , which were aired live on a Press TV program while various human rights organizations such as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International condemned Iran for upholding the death penalty sentence against these young men, however, they were eventually executed by the corrupt Iranian authorities.

In June 2014, Ali Chebayshat and Sayed Khaled Mousavi,  two Ahwazi political prisoners,  after being executed secretly , were buried by the security forces around Ramez (Ramhormuz) city.  One day after  the announcement of their execution, the security forces have taken the families to the place of the burial of their sons.

Ghazi Abbasi, Jassem Moghadam Panah, Abdul Amir Mojadami  and Abdul Reza Khanafereh, the four Ahwazi political prisoners  were also secretly executed in November 2013.  The burial location of these prisoners has not yet been released to their families.

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