#Ahwazna – Occupying security forces step up home demolition operations in Ahwaz  


 In the early hours of Sunday morning 17/11/2014,  the Iranian occupation forces demolished the homes of Ahwazi Arabs in Om-Al Ghezlan district (Koye Farhangian) , the angry residents  in a natural reaction clashed with the invading forces .

In response to the brutal actions of the occupation forces who invaded the district to destroy the Ahwazi Arab homes, men and women desperately restored to throwing stones during the clashes with the invading forces.

According to eye witnesses, in the first hours the Ahwazi Arab stone throwers defended their homes by burning tires in front of the occupying bulldozers and have managed to deter the invading operation for short time.

The invading forces after having faced with the resistance from the Ahwazi homeowners, have decided to deploy more forces resulted in arresting many people  with bulldozing around 20 homes along with ruining  properties of Arab people without giving them chance to evacuate their possessions.

The Ahwazi Arab residents by filming and photographing the criminal operation of destroying their own homes called on the world conscience to condemn and to speak out against the atrocious policies of the Iranian occupying forces in the Ahwazi territories.

 In recent month, the occupation forces have significantly intensified the home demolition operations and seizure of properties in most of the Ahwazi Arab residential districts. The demolition of homes has been carried out under the pretext of the owner not having a legal permit for construction.

The local people reported that their children are suffering from immediate urination and sudden epilepsy due to trauma and terror they have had received during the home destruction operations launched by the occupying forces.  The security forces were intimidating the Ahwazi Arab women and children by pointing gun at them during the demolition of homes.

 Such brutal and unjustified policies are conducted in consistent with forced displacement and migration of the Ahwazi Arab people who are extremely punishing due to subjection to the outrageous ethnic cleansing policies of the Iranian occupying regime.

In parallel with the demolition of the Ahwazi homes and confiscating of properties, the occupation government is encouraging Persian settlers to reside in Ahwaz, providing them with full facilities, housing units and job opportunities as incentives to settle them in the Ahwazi regions.

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