#Ahwazna – Iranian oil companies are recruiting Arab workers as human shields


The Iranian occupying companies are taking advantage of large-scale  unemployment phenomenon of Ahwazi people  by employing them temporarily as human shields to work in hazardous conditions  like mine-sweeping  in the oil fields without providing them with financial , legal guarantees and equipment to protect them from the danger of mines and explosives.

After facing with challenges in extracting oil from the areas which had been planted with massive mines during Iran-Iraq war in the strip-border areas and despite denying any job opportunities for Ahwazi Arab job seekers, the oil companies   have been hired large number of Ahwazi Arab workers to clean up the areas from all kinds of legacy of the war which have become serious barriers in front of the Iranian companies for exploiting the oil from the Ahwazi regions.

 According to Ahwazna sources significant numbers of Ahwazi Arab people from bordering urban and rural regions have been called by the criminal Iranian oil companies to work in these areas that are punctured with massive mines planted by Iran during the war.

The Ahwazi Arab workers have been forced to work in these death oil fields due to the extreme poverty and unemployment they are suffering systematically at the hands of the Iranian occupying regime.

Large hectares of Ahwazi lands are planted by mines for years and in the previous periods the Iranian occupying regime refrained to clean up the area from mines and other legacies of war deploying it as a weapon to prevent Ahwazi Arab farmers from reviving and cultivating their lands which have been turned to barren and uninhabited lands intentionally by the regime.

But currently the occupying companies are employing Ahwazi Arab people with low salaries to dismantle the mines so that they can pay the way for the regime companies to start drilling for oil and gas exploration then exploiting it for the prosperity of their own Persian regions.

The sources added that in recent month dozens of Ahwazi Arab citizens lost their lives while working in the minefields whereas the occupying companies are rejecting to provide any compensation to the families who have lost their father or son, the sole breadwinner of the family.

The Iranian regime is depriving Ahwazi Arab of getting employment in the state companies and offices. Even though, the Arab workers who are employed in these companies, still have not received the salaries for several months which had an impact on Ahwazi household lifestyle and this caused the Arab workers staged wide labor strike.  In compared, Persian settlers who work for these companies often get their salaries on time.

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