#Ahwazna – Mass arrest following peaceful protest against the policy of drying Ahwazi Rivers


The Iranian occupation security forces by taking tight precautionary measures scattered and arrested key protesters  in today’s demonstration which has been scheduled to be held in Ahwaz capital as a protest against the non-stop water diversion of rivers while Ahwaz region is facing with severe water scarcity.

The occupying security forces for quelling the public anger of Ahwazi Arab protesters have tactically and brutally beaten up and handcuffed group of Arab protesters who have played important roles in organizing the peaceful protest.

The Ahwazi peaceful protest movement is seeking to urge the Iranian occupying government to stop    the unjustified   Rivers’ water diversion projects as the Ahwazi areas are suffering seriously in terms of having clean water for drinking and washing.

Hundreds of Ahwazi Arab people who have been participated in the demonstration which was held near to Refah commercial complex denounced and condemned the government devastating projects in siphoning water from its main courses and pumping it to Persian regions like Isfahan province.

The aggressive operations of police security forces in dealing with the protest have resulted in detaining dozens of key activists and organizers who were kicked and punched savagely and taken to unknown place by the occupying forces.

 The security forces by placing massive barricades have prevented protesters from advancing to other places.

The mass arrests have been carried out immediately after half of hour of the start of the protest while protesters raised banners and have begun chanting slogans condemning the criminal policies of occupation government.

The occupying authorities to clamp the protest have deployed significant anti-riot squad forces to battle the Ahwazi Arab activists who have called people through social Medias to take part in this protest.

Five of the detained protesters have been identified as follow:

1: Shahin Kaabi 2: Naji Abiat 3: Mehdi Abiat 4: Khaled Mahawi 5:  Mehdi Bait Sayah

At the present time the marshes and rivers in Ahwaz are facing with water shortages crisis and people are   struggling with  long- term drought due to the construction dozens of dams on the course of the rivers especially Karoon River.







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