HIV cases rise at fastest rate among Ahwazi young people 


Doctor Saeed Seyedian , Head of Ahwaz Health Center said that 2000 HIV-infected patients have been identified officially in Ahwaz, 90% of the people have been infected are males, and 10% are female. The age of patients who have been victimized by HIV is mostly between 25 and 34 year-old.

He stated that injection drug use is a significantly prevalent risk contributor that has spread HIV rapidly among Ahwazi people. The disease is often transmitted through sharing needles and syringes among drug users. Poverty and long-term unemployment are major factors that caused many frustrated Ahwazi youths to fall into the swamp of drug addiction.

 Doctor Shahram Tarahomi, Deputy Chief of Health Department for combating diseases at Jondi Shapour medical sciences university also said 57/6 percent of most AIDS patients are directly linked to intravenous drug abusers. He added that around 1000 patients infected with the AIDS virus have so far been diagnosed.

 Another report states that official statistics centers associate with AIDS in Ahwaz have confirmed about 1300 HIV-infected patients that have been recorded in medical centers. It is expected in years to come that there will be an increase of 4000 young Arabs who will be infected with HIV, While 3000 of these people are unaware of their HIV disease.

 Lack of job opportunities, absence of hope for better and secured future, and living in an endless cycle of depression, and psychological pressures are the real causes which have often driven Ahwazi Arab young people to be trapped in drug abuse.  The occupation is responsible for all of these conditions that the Ahwazi people face. The Iranian regime does not have strict laws against the distribution of illegal drugs between minors. The Iranian government knows that once the Arab youths get addicted they would not be able to get good jobs, or succeed in their education.  In fact, year by year the varied methods for excluding and wiping out the existence of Ahwazi Arab are intensifying.

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