#Ahwazna – Ahwazi Arab people continue protest against racial oppression


On Monday, December 1, hundreds of Ahwazi residents of Kut Abdullah new county have been gathered in front of governor department as an expression of objection and discontentment on their neglected basic rights.

The residents have shown their anger and intolerance of the continued racial oppression and the systematic discrimination practiced against them for decades at the hands of occupying officials.

The Arab residents have protested on the pervasive unemployment, the lack of basic urban services, the severe shortage of adequate infrastructure and the basic teaching equipment of schools and mismanagement municipality of their town.

The Ahwazi Arab residents who have marginalized for decades say that due to lack of sense of responsibility of officials and also lack of funding, their town has   left in extreme negligence in all segments. For example, recent rainfall has submerged all the Ahwazi areas, and this is due to lack of proper sewage network.

Iran has consistently denied the existence of Ahwazi Arab.  Approximately 10 million Ahwazi Arab have denied of any national rights. For decades, the Ahwazi people have not been allowed to participate running their affairs as they have no genuine local and national representation.

All the high and low governmental positions of officials have systematically appointed by non-Arab individuals who settled in the region by the government thus such individuals are conducting the discriminatory procedures and orders of the central government.

The extent of national oppression imposed on Ahwazi people is varying and comprehensive.  As even Ahwazi historical names of the region, cities, villages, streets, neighborhoods, swamps, rivers and other geographical landmarks in Arabic  have  changed into Persian.

In fact, the policy of the Iranian occupying state toward the Ahwazi Arab people for 90 years has been as follow:

Deny the Ahwazi Arab identity. By every tool assimilate the Arabs into Persian culture and if they resist and refuse, humiliate them until they get fed up and sick of being Arab. If they resist more, intimidate them into silence. If they refuse to be silent, just execute them: You will be Persian, or I will destroy you.  These are the plight of Ahwazi Arab people under Iran occupation.






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