#Ahwazna – Deliberate denial of job opportunities is fixed strategy against Ahwazi people


According to Ahwazi sources, despite huge oil fields in Maysan (Dasht Azedegan) region there has been an alarming increase in the unemployment rate among its people in Howezeh city.

There are 32 active companies and private contractors working in the city for exploring oil fields.

Currently, around 400 Ahwazi Arab local skilled and unskilled workers were sacked from the oil companies causing the unemployment rate to reach 36.7 percent in Azedegan.  In addition, the Oil Companies which are operating there has forced hundreds of Arab workers to earlier retirement to replace them by non-Arab settlers. As labor activists have quoted to Ahwazna that the oil companies have employed 15,000 Persian settlers instead of Ahwazi Arabs workers who had already been expelled or subjected to earlier retirement.

By expropriating up to 118 thousand acres of Hur Azim wetlands, the government has cut off source income of around 15 thousand and 400 indigenous individuals who were primarily dependent on fishing and rice cultivation for living.

Unemployment, deprivation of receiving reliefs and facilities and denial of receiving sufficient water supply for irrigating agricultural farmlands are the major problems that the majority Arab people in Howezeh city are struggling with it.

The complaints of poverty are pervasive among people especially young generation who have been left neglected in despair and hopelessness as they see no future for themselves.

This is come while Maysan (Dasht Azedegan) oilfield holds 27% percent of Oil reserves of the country and with an area of 20 to 75 located in 100Km west of Ahwaz city in  Maysan (Dasht Azedegan) region is the world’s largest oil field which its exploration backs to 1997.

It is estimated that output capacity of oil crude production of Maysan (Dasht Azedegan) oilfield is 33 billion barrels. But the Ahwazi Arab people, the main owners of this God-gifted rich and wealthy land, are living under abject poverty and dire economic condition.  As they even do not have well-equipped hospitals, schools, paved roads, piped water system and proper sewage network as same as other urban and rural Ahwazi areas.

 Due to the deliberate denial of job opportunities, the unemployment rate is the highest it’s ever been in Ahwaz, and the worsening economic situation has driven many Arab people to attempt suicide.

 AS just in the past few days an Ahwazi Arab citizen by the name of “Bacheye Shennan Al-Kaabi”, 55-year-old, married with five children from Shushtar city, has committed suicide. His close relatives reported that after he was sacked from his job, he had poured gasoline on himself and lit himself on fire.  He died after being admitted to hospital.



It is certain that Iranian occupying regime is responsible for what is happening especially for the tremendous sense of helplessness among Ahwazi Arab particularly younger generation who are more susceptible to hopelessness when they see cannot plan or have secured future for themselves.  The occupying regime by creating this cycle of pressures on Ahwazi Arab people tries to lead Ahwazi younger generation to succumb to humiliation and despair.

The occupying Iranian regime by employing non- Arab workers aims to exert excessive economic pressure on Ahwaz Arab citizens to force them to give up on their homeland and abandon it for settlers as a fixed strategy to change the demography of Ahwazi regions.


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