#ahwazna – Breaking news: Ahwazi National Resistance target oil pipelines in Zergan area


On Sunday evening, December 21, 2014, an Ahwazi armed group carried out a heroic operation which targeted oil pipelines of Al Zergan area in Ahwaz capital. According to information received from internal sources, the operation took place at 7 PM on Sunday, leaving behind the flames of the fire engulfing the pipelines.

Dozens of vehicles of security forces and intelligence agents rushed to the place of incidence accompanied with many firefighter vehicles.  It is said that the explosion has no causalities just targeted the occupying regime backbone economy.

The blessed operation has been carried out in response to the abject poverty of Ahwazi Arab people and their systematic and ample denial of employment and discriminatory policies against Arab people while their lands is the wealthiest in Middle East but its Arab populace are enslaved through unspeakable national oppression practiced against them for years by the Iranian clerical occupation authorities.

It is worth to mention that Mohy El Din Brigades an offshoot of the Ahwaz National Resistance since its emergence for dozens of times has targeted the oil pipelines and economic institutions of Iranian regime on Ahwazi lands which are the main arteries supporting and enhancing the occupying Iranian regime in its hostile policies toward the Arab people of Ahwaz.

To watch the video of operation click here

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