#Ahwazna – Al-Ahwaz mourns the death of popular artist in a massive turnout


 According to Ahwazna sources, thousands of Ahwazi Arab people took to the streets in Wais District of Bawi County to mourn the death of Mohammad Shahabi, the famous dulcimer player who died after a year –long battle with cancer on December 23-2014.

Mohammad Shahabi, the departed musician, and artist was born in 1962 in Wais district east of Ahwaz capital.

At an early age, he became beautiful flute player then went to play the dulcimer instrument. Shahabi succeeded during his career and gained fame in Ahwaz even in some Arab countries, also participated in many festivals inside and outside Ahwaz.

 Worth to mention that music, poetry and theater have had a prominent role in perpetuating the concepts of resistance and revolt against the illegitimate Persian occupation. In this regard many of Ahwazi artists made a lot of sacrifices, including prison and exile for being the voice of Ahwazi Arab people.

 The large population who took part in his burial service came from different cities such Muhammarah, Abadan, and Falahiyeh.

Mohammad Shahabi is regarded as a prominent dulcimer player and one of the most famous and beloved artists among Ahwazi Arab people for his romantic and folklore melodies.

On Wednesday, December 24-2014, such unprecedented public turnout has been witnessed to say goodbye to the deceased Mohammad Shahabi, who succumbed to cancer. Therefore  people  seized it as an opportunity  to express their strong disapproval of  Iranian occupying regime  by chanting fiery national slogans against the pernicious policies of government rejecting the Iranian occupation and continued oppression of Ahwazi people and the deliberate negligence of   Persian officials toward the increasing of environmental  threats  in Ahwazi regions due to air and water pollution and significant surge in cancer diseases  linked  to environmental  contamination that claimed the lives of hundreds of Ahwazi Arab residents.

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