#Ahwazna – A significant increase of cutaneous leishmaniasis in Ahwaz


In recent months, there has been drastic surge of cutaneous leishmaniasis among Ahwazi Arab residents in Susa city. According to “AGZAR” news agency, double increase of people infected with cutaneous leishmaniasis has forced doctors to express their grave concerns about this contagious disease. A general practitioner in conversation with the AGZAR reporter said from the beginning of the year till so far, unfortunately, the number of visitors infected with “Cutaneous Leishmaniasis” has sharply increased in Susa city. The doctor, who asked not to be named, warned that the existence of large amounts of construction debris and poor conditions of urban wastewater  have become conducive breeding ground for  mosquitoes and flies  that are the major  disease carriers. He added that the cutaneous Leishmaniasis contains two types of urban and rural. In the village, weasels and rats are the disease carriers, and it transmitted to humans by mosquitoes. In the city, the disease through mosquitoes that exist around the construction debris and sewage waste transmitted to humans. The officials have not yet taken any steps to address this situation and neglected the Ahwazi Arab residents to experience more sufferings and pains.      

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